Product Range

Product Range

UV Curable Varnish

Overprint Varnishes
A wide range of finishes ranging from high gloss to matt for the flexographic, roller coat, letterpress, lithographic and screen applications.

Varnishes and lacquers that provide high gloss and resistance to scuff, abrasion, solvents and various industrial chemicals.

Varnishes for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, wine and other decorative flexible and rigid cartons. Our coatings are tough, resilient and provide excellent resistance to scuff, impact and abrasion. Low Odour Coatings for indirect food contact.

Laminating adhesives to bond a variety of films to printed and unprinted papers, foils and plastics.

Speciality Products
• Varnishes that can be foil stamped or glued
• Textured Coatings
• Pearlescent Coatings
• Low COF Coatings
• UV Metal decorating silkscreen varnishes
• Embossing varnishes (High Build)

Waterbased Coatings

Overprint Varnishes
• In-line roller coat varnishes for lithographic presses.
• High gloss, satin and matt finishes with outstanding scuff and abrasion resistance
• Off-line roller coat varnishes with a superior gloss, satin or matt finish.

Food and Wine Packaging 
• Anti-skid coatings for RSC’s
• Deep freeze coatings
• Coatings that meet the FDA Requirements

Primers to enhance adhesion and gloss of UV curable roller coat and silkscreen finishes.

Functional Coatings 
Heat activated lacquers for blister packaging.

Effect Coatings 
• Pearlescent Coatings
• Fragranced Coatings
• Tag Coatings